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Week 7 Post 1

Here is a visual of my scheduled posts. The first scheduled post is centered around announcing the grand opening. This post is mostly intended to let people know that we are here and beginning the foundation building process. I also chose to follow that by a play off of the seasons. Summer just ended and we are going into fall, but many miss the uplifting brightness of Summer. I used that as a selling point, then topped it off with a free item offer with purchase of a particular item. Lastly, I implemented Free Shipping Fridays. I think this will help to build brand loyalty and returning customers.
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Week 6 Post 1

The websites I chose were Pink Incense, Incense Incense, Chakra's Incense and HEM Incense. I chose the business pages that I did because they all appear to be in different stages of their process and I feel it is important to take in all aspects of the stages. One page is solidified and verified, while the others seem to be in various stages. I want to utilize this as a learning aspect to figure out what should and should not be done to properly reach my intended audience. I also only chose to follow incense pages since that is the field I am focusing on.

Week 5 Post 1

Set Two
Hungry Bear

While both of these businesses are clearly sub shops, there are a few distinguishing factors. The Hungry Bear is obviously "American" food. It is targeting Californians (I gather this from the bear theme), families in general, families with young children, and even the older generation who would resonate with the theme or the nostalgia of the classic American feel. Subway is more a of generic sub shop that, while is speaks to families, it is not speaking to a general area. It also does not appeal to the classic American feel. There is cross over between the two based on them both appealing to families and also appealing to those who like sandwiches.

Week 4 Post 2

This websites are effective because they are both aesthetically pleasing to look at. As you scroll through both websites, they each have their own themes. On the Fashion Nova site, it is almost as if there are sections of themes. Each one is intended to appeal to a different audience. The Puma website does the same, but it is a more centralized brand so it is not as apparent as it is on the Fashion Nova site.

Both websites include ease of navigation. The Fashion Nova site does have an excessive amount of menu options, which is said to generally not be a good design approach. But it works well for this site since it is now such a big brand. Both include large visuals with enough text to entice, but not too much that it overwhelms.

I continue to come back mainly due to brand loyalty and that I always find something I like. The…

Week 3C - 5 Businesses

1. Fashion Nova
3. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, SnapChat, Instagram and YouTube
4. Overall, all platforms look like they are well-used.
5. All were last posted on today, except Pinterest (3 days ago) and YouTube (2 weeks ago)

1. Adobe
3. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
4. All platforms look well-used
5. All platforms were last posted on today, with the exception of LinkedIn (2 days ago)

1. The Shade Room
3. Facebook and Instagram
4. Both look well-used
5. All platforms were last posted on today

1. Puma
3. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
4. The only platforms that look well-used is Instagram and Twitter.
5. Facebook was last updated 9/4, Twitter and Instagram were last updated today, Pinterest was updated 52 weeks ago and YouTube was updat…

Week 3A - Communication: Business & Consumer

The only time I have experienced difficulty communicating with a business was when I had an issue with GroupOn. One of my products said it shipped to a completely different city (it was something I purchased for a friend). My friend was out of town at the time the item was delivered so I was unable to figure out if it made it or not. I was able to, through the app, get a refund eventually.

I have seen social media make it easier for others to reach companies. I have never personally tried it. My experience is neither positive or negative since I haven't done it. If I had a business on social media, I would respond to positive comments with acknowledgment and appreciation. I would respond to negative comments by being apologetic and working to solve the issue. I would probably try to bring the negative commenter to direct messages, though.